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Welcome to SwiftLoan - your trusted partner for financial help in your tough times. We are proud to offer instant HDFC gold loans, making us the preferred choice for those looking for a hassle-free borrowing experience. Our gold loan process is quick, easy, and transparent, with no hidden charges or credit checks. A gold loan is a secured loan where the borrower pledges their gold as collateral in exchange for a loan amount. With our HDFC gold loan, you can get the cash you need without any hassle. Our approval is guaranteed, and there is no need for a credit check. You can apply for a gold loan online and get cash in hand!
At SwiftLoan, we understand that every borrower has unique financial needs. That's why we offer a range of loan options, including HDFC gold loans. Whether you need funds for personal or business needs, our gold loan process is designed to meet your requirements.

Flexible repayment options

With our HDFC gold loan, you can enjoy low-interest rates and flexible repayment options. We offer competitive HDFC gold loan interest rates, ensuring that you get the best value for your gold. You can get HDFC gold loan details by comparing our rates with other gold loan providers.
Our gold loan process in HDFC bank is designed to be hassle-free and transparent. We evaluate your gold assets expertly and provide you with the best loan amount. You can get a gold loan at HDFC bank without any worries. We make the entire process easy and straightforward, with no hidden charges or complicated procedures.

Our Partner

Our HDFC gold loan partners offer a quick way to get cash by using gold jewelry as collateral. As gold prices are on the rise, borrowers can receive higher loan amounts for their gold assets. With our instant gold loan in Delhi, we offer a quick and easy way to get capital with no need for extensive paperwork or collateral. With flexible repayment options and expert evaluation, you get good value from us.

Best value for your gold assets

When it comes to the HDFC jewel loan, we offer you the best value for your gold assets. Our HDFC gold loan per gram is competitive, and you can get the loan amount you need without any delay. You can rely on us for a safe and secure borrowing experience.

Easy and transparent HDFC gold loan process

At SwiftLoan, we are committed to providing our customers with the best borrowing experience. Our transparent loan process has no hidden charges, and we provide safe and secure services. You can trust us for all your financial needs, including instant HDFC gold loans.
If you're looking for a hassle-free way to get the cash you need, consider our HDFC gold loan. With competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and expert evaluation, you can rely on us for a safe and secure borrowing experience. Apply for an instant gold loan with us today and get cash in hand!

Benefits and features of Swiftloans Gold loans:

  • * High loan value
  • * Accurate Evaluation
  • * World-class safety protocols
  • * Part-prepayment and Foreclosure Facility
  • * Flexible Payment Options
  • * Part Release Facility
  • * Interest rate 10% To 12% onwards
  • * Customised schemes to meet your requirements
  • * Loans starting from Rs.3,000
  • * Loan tenure up to 11 months

Documents required for Gold Loans:

  • 1. Two passport size photograph
  • 2. ID Proof such as Driving License / PAN Card / Form 60/61 / Passport Copy / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card. Any one document needs to be submitted
  • 3. Address Proof such as Driving License / Voter ID Card / Ration Card / Aadhaar Card / Passport Copy / registered lease agreement with not older than 3 months utility bills in the name of landlord (any one)


What is a gold loan scheme?
As the name suggests this is the loan given against gold. It’s a secured loan that enables borrowers to pledge their gold in lieu of a cash loan. It enables people to utilize their gold assets instead of storing them in lockers.
What is the eligibility criterion to qualify for a gold loan?
2 For a gold loan, applicants should be aged above 21 years and should have gold that needs to be mortgaged with the bank.
  • 1. Age – 21-65
  • 2. Document – Aadhar and pan card (Address proof must be between 50km)
What is the interest charge applicable on gold loan?
The interest rate on your gold loan varies from one lender to another. Please enter your details on our Gold Loan eligibility page and view gold loan offers offered by various banks and private institutions.
What is the maximum amount that can be sanctioned under the gold loan scheme?
The maximum loan amount loan varies from one lender to another. It can range between Rs. 1,5000 and Rs 1 Crore depending on the eligibility criteria of particular bank/Nbfc.
How long does it take to complete the gold loan approval process?
The loan approval process for gold loan is very fast. If your application meets all the requirements, it takes just 45Minutes for the loan amount to be disbursed.
What is the repayment tenure of a gold loan?
A gold loan can be repaid in as little as one day or as many as 36 part payment instalments, depending on your lender. regardless of whether the customer is Internal or External.
What are the additional fees that I will need to pay at the time of taking a loan?
A nominal processing fee is levied on your gold loan. The processing fee charged varies from one bank to another but generally does not exceed 1% of the loan amount.
Are there any foreclosure charges on a gold loan?
Loan foreclosure charges range from 1.18% (1% +18% gst)and are applicable on the outstanding amount of your gold loan.but, but if the customer closes his loan before 6 months, he is only obligated to pay the foreclosuer amount, whereas if the customer closes his loan after 6 months, there are no foreclosuer charges.
What is the penalty for delay in repayment of loan?
Banks usually levy an annual penalty between 1% and 2%. This is in addition to the rate of interest that you would be paying to service your loan.
Can I repay the loan partially?
A gold loan can be repaid partially at any point in time. However, your deposited gold will only be returned once the entire loan amount has been repaid.although, the customer repays the loan partially, which is especially advantageous for customer because customer is only obligated to pay the remaining amount of his interest amount of principal.
Is the gold pledged with banks safe?
Banks take a lot of precaution while storing your gold and keep it safe until the loan amount is returned. They understand the sentimental value attached to gold ornaments and act as custodians while the gold remains with them.


There’s no botheration of paperwork and income proof. A great way to get what you wanted. Swift Loans staffs are very kind and helpful. They processed the requests very quickly. I am really thankful to them.

Vivek kumar

Good customer handling by Swift loans. Interest rates and processing fees are also done at best in the market. Overall good experience. Thank you.

Shivam Singh

I'm satisfied with the Swift loans services and they have done a proper follow up and pro-actively they are calling the customer and informing the loan details.

Vipin Negi

A year back I took the Swift Loan gold loan as back then their loan rates were quite competitive in comparison to that offered by other banks. I got the loan within almost 1 hour on the same day.

Pooja kumari

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