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Q: Why let a website advise me?

SwiftLoans, all advice is based on the information entered by you on our time-tested algorithm. Over the two years since our inception, we have led the funds, insurance and loan advisory services. You can refinance your existing loan if your balance has been reduced to at least 50% or less of the original loan amount. Our algorithm has given sound advice to many of users, with zero error rate. Please keep all the information handy when you visit our comparison page and always check before submitting the data.

Q: Why should I not get paid advice? I have a trusted financial advisor who has advised my family for years now.

On registering with SwiftLoans, you receive free but trustworthy advice that will keep you steady for years to come. Increase your investment kitty by investing what you will save from not paying your financial advisor.

Q: How can I be sure that I am getting the best offer on my loan, credit card, mutual fund, or insurance?

At SwiftLoans we do not speculate. Our comparison page advises on the latest available figures (latest interest rate on the loan you choose, for example) and gives you your best option. Though human advisors share get-rich-overnight advice, only a very small percentage of people have actually achieved what was promised. We would strongly suggest that you refrain from such “get-rich-advice? and safeguard your hard-earned money.

Q: Is my information secure? How will my private information be treated?

We respect your privacy and recognize the need to protect your personal information (for example, name, address and telephone number). The information you enter is integral to your decision-making and we follow appropriate standards to ensure it's security.

Q: How do we help you?

At SwiftLoans, we help you compare products, such as loans, insurance plans, and credit cards , offered by banks or financial institutions. We simplify fine print and inform you about the eligibility criteria, repayment options, types of interest rates, and other parameters.

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