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Small Cash Loan Speed Up the Loan Process

What is a Small Cash Loan?

Small Cash Loan or Immediate cash loans is a financial service offered by us. It is an unsecured personal loan for a short period of time, where a borrower can apply an amount between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 50,000 (Rs. Fifty Thousand). Only salaried employees are eligible for this loan. It is a multipurpose loan can be used for medical emergency, marriage, vacations, home renovation and more.

Follow the Below-mentioned Steps to avail small cash loan:

When you are in an immediate need of money of 50-60k, small cash loans is the best option for you if you are a salaried employee. Avail the small cash loan from our website and use the money in the time of emergency. Most of the financial institutions does not provide loan services on weekends. But, you can easily avail the immediate small cash loan with us even on weekends. Please make sure to keep all the necessary documents with you:
  • * Keep the necessary documents ready in PDF format.
  • * Upload all the documents whenever asked as the entire process is paperless.
  • * You can apply for a loan online at any time of the day.
  • * Our team will verify your documents and will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Once the verification is successfully completed, loan amount will be disbursed in your account.

What Are the Various Types of Small Cash Loans?

Following are the various types of a small cash loan:
  • 1. Mini Cash Loans: Mini cash loans includes loan amount of 10,000 to 50,000. These are the pocket- sized loans that can be avail without much documentation. The tenure for these loans is of 6 months.
  • 2. Same Day Loan: Same day loan is an unsecured short term loan. Same day loan has gained much popularity nowadays. Previously traditional types of bank loans were in high demand in market. But, with the introduction of same day loans people’s interest has shifted towards them. Usually we are not prepared for the unexpected expenses that we may encounter at any part of our life. Such situations leave us clueless and as the resources are limited it can be really difficult to find the right solution. That is the time when same day loans come in most handy.
  • 3. Fast Cash Loans: With traditional lending, you might need some form of collateral to secure a loan. Even if you do not need to have assets in-hand, finalizing a loan often takes more than 30 days. That's too much time when you have a monthly bill that needs to be paid now. To get cash loans fast, you need a different type of lender. Swiftloans offers cash loans with fast approval and transfer times, helping you get the money you need when you need it.
  • 4. Emergency Loan: You can avail Emergency loans from Banks and NBFCs, to resolve your cash crunch. Emergency loans are personal loans that you can use for Medical, Travel or Asset Recovery etc. Qbera provides quick cash loans with attractive features like instant approval and attractive interest rates starting at 11.99%.
  • 5. Quick Loans: From medical emergencies, job loss, car or bike accidents, there are several events in life where you can need more funds than you might have in your savings account. While we often rely on our family and friends for such urgent needs, most of us know very well how financial matters can spoil relationships. A more convenient alternative is taking an instant loan from swiftloans. We offer quick loans of up to ₹5 lakhs with instant approval and disbursal to make sure that you are able to meet all your financial emergencies effectively. With flexible repayment plans, minimum documentation, and basic eligibility requirements, an instant loan from swiftloans is an easy and hassle-free solution for times when you need quick access to financial assistance.
Once the verification is successfully completed, loan amount will be disbursed in your account.

Things to Consider before You apply for Small Cash Loan/Immediate cash loan

Before applying online for a small cash loan on our website, please consider the following points:
  • * Your Age should be 25 years to 60 years
  • * Your Income should be at least ₹400,000 p.a.
  • * You should have been Employed fulltime for at least 2 years

Benefits of a Small Cash Loan

The benefits of an instant loan include:
  • * The convenient process of application.
  • * The high speed of registration.
  • * A large number of loan options.
  • * Minimum set of documents.
  • * No collateral and no guarantors.
  • * The possibility of a loan extending.

Small Cash Loan Eligibility Requirements

  • * Salaried and self employed individuals
  • * Minimum age 21 years
  • * Minimum monthly salary Rs. 10,000
  • * Valid Government ID
  • * Resident of India

Documents Needed for Small Cash Loan

  • * Proof of Residence - Any one of Ration Card / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Voters Card.
  • * Proof of Identity - Any one of Voters Card / Aadhaar Card/ Driver’s License / Employers Card.
  • * Latest Bank Statement / Passbook (where salary / income is credited for past 6 months).
  • * Latest 6 Months Salary Slip with all deductions and last 2 years Form 16.
  • * Copies of all Property Documents.

Small Cash Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate will vary as per the customer profile and his/her credit history. The small cash loan interest rate can be as low as 0.1% per day up to 0.33%. There could be many factors that affect the rate of interest for a small cash loan, like your income, existing financial liabilities, and more.

How to Apply for a Small Cash Loan?

In order to avail instant personal loan on Swiftloans, you only need to follow a few simple steps. Instant cash loans on Swiftloans are granted by providing basic details and documents. One you follow the following simple steps, personal loan is granted to you immediately.
  • * Open the Swiftloans app and click on Boost loan
  • * The instant cash loan page will appear on the page.Click on ‘I am interested’.
  • * The next step to avail the instant loan online, type in your personal details i.e Adhaar card number and PAN number..
  • * Swiftloans will check your eligibility for instant loan online. The amount you are eligible for will be reflected on the screen.
  • * You can type the amount you want to withdraw and click on ‘boost credit’.
  • * The amount will instantly reflect in your wallet as an instant loan online i.e. small loan.
By following these simple steps, an instant payday loan will be granted to you. Evidently, getting instant cash loans or instant loans online is extremely simple with Swiftloans. In simple and few steps, short term loans are easily granted.


Do I need to be currently employed to apply for small cash loan?
Yes, you need to be currently employed and drawing a regular monthly salary. The salary should reflect in your bank account. To qualify for the loan, you must be employed with the current employer for at least 2 months.
Is there a credit check done?
Yes, we access your credit report/score when you apply for a small cash loan. Minimum CIBIL score needed is 600+
How can I get an instant cash loan?
A mini cash loans can be availed by filling in your basic information on the website page for small cash loans and you will be contacted by our trained executives. We value your time!
How do I send my bank statement and other documents?
You can send your documents on the website itself after filling in your basic information. Scanning the documents is another option to avail quick cash loans by Swift Loans.

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